ASHRAE Northeast Newsletter - September 2020



Greetings !

ASHRAE Northeast 2020-2021 Kickoff! 

Hello Everyone! We are kicking off a new ASHRAE Chapter year of 2020-2021, and what a year it has been so far to say the least. This spring and summer have been full of unprecedented times and we hope you and your families have been well and safe! Despite this situation, we will continue to strive and support our ASHRAE community, along with our members. We ask for your patience and continued support as our Northeast Chapter Board adapts and proceeds with this new ASHRAE year. A big thank you goes out to those that have continued to push our chapter forward and help us in navigating these times! 

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please reach out to any of our chapters officers! 


September President Message - Welcome Members!

Hello ASHRAE Northeast Members,

Here we are starting a new ASHRAE year 2020-2021. A year full of challenges, a different and unusual year. We starting this abnormal year with a challenge that threatens the whole world, COVID-19 (Corona Virus) epidemic. This epidemic which made the world stays at home.  The world is looking to scientists and physicians to find cure and vaccination. But also, the world is looking to engineers to make buildings, schools, universities, offices, restaurants a safe place to limit the spread of this virus.

ASHRAE was the leader to take a very advanced step and started the COVID-19 Task Force. The task force started to work immediately to provide guidance on how to limit the virus spread in the buildings. They provided a lot of information on the buildings reopening strategies. They provided different measures to help provide more healthy buildings. Also, ASHRAE established a section on the society website dedicated only for COVID-19 to provide a lot of useful and important technical information for HVAC engineers to limit the spread of the virus in the buildings.

Although of all the challenges that we have this year, we at ASHRAE Northeast decided that we need to keep the life going. We need to keep serving our members and our society. We will keep having our monthly meeting virtually until we feel it is safe to have it in person. We will have different activities without compromising the safeties of our members by following all the rules from CDC and the state.

We are looking for volunteers to join our board. We have a few positions and chairs that we are looking for our members to help with. 

Refrigeration Committee

Young Engineer Committee

Research Promotion committee

Award & Honor Committee

Program committee

If you are interested to join any of these committees or you want to get more information about them, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


I wish you all to stay safe and looking for serving you.

Ramy Girgis, PE

President 2020-2021

ASHRAE Northeast Chapter

September Chapter History - Virtual CRC


Virtual Chapters Regional Conference (CRC)

The CRC was supposed to be hosted by the Maine chapter on August 13-15, but because of the pandemic it was changed to a virtual on line conference.  All chapters were in attendance our Delegate – Kevin Houghtaling and Alternate – Ramy Gingris represented the Northeast chapter.  Also in attendance were Stan Westhoff and Rich Vehlow and some chairs of the Northeast chapter.  A chapter history display was made and a photograph was posted on the Region I Basecamp.

The awards and certificates for last year will be presented at a future chapter meeting.

The chapter will have a golf outing on September 18, 2020 at the Western Turnpike Golf Course.   There will be a number of restrictions and no dinner, but we are happy that we can have one thanks to Kevin Houghtaling's efforts.

Chapter History & Past Presidents night is planned for December.  The Life Members night is planned for April.  More details will be forthcoming as the dates approach.  It is possible that Society President Chuck Gulledge will be attending one of our meetings. 

Submitted by Chapter Historian,

Stan Westhoff (9/2020)

ASHRAE Golf Outing - September 18th, 2020

Save the Date for our Annual ASHRAE Golf Outing which will be Friday, September 18th, 2020 at Western Turnpike Golf Course. Stay tuned for further details and the official opening of registration.

2020-2021 Officers

Below are the 2020-2021 Officers of the ASHRAE NE chapter. 


Ramy Girgis

Vice President 

Marianne Schumacher


Andrew Wilsey


Charles Casey

Board of Governors     

Russell Danforth

Board of Governors

David Layton

Board of Governors

Doug Page

Board of Governors

John Thomas

Board of Governors

Todd Turcotte

Board of Governors

Kevin Houghtaling



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