Get to Know your ASHRAE Board : Octobers Monthly Interview

Starting this ASHRAE year each month one of our many volunteers on our Northeast ASHRAE Board, who help make the Chapter what it is, will be interviewed. Not only will this give our other members an opportunity to get to know them better (especially while we have virtual meetings), but it will also give the opportunity to learn more about what each person is involved in within our Chapter. Learning about the positions within our Chapter Board is a great starting place to getting involved!

This months interview is with Marianne Schumacher, who is our Chapters current Vice President. The questions are the black underline, and her responses are in blue underneath.

1.    What is your current role with our ASHRAE Chapter and what does that entail for Board responsibilities?

My currently role with the chapter is VP / Newsletter Editor. Each month I participate in chapter meetings as well as post articles on our chapters website and create the newsletter that gets sent out to each member.

2.    How long have you been in the industry / ASHRAE and what experience do you have?

I first joined the HVAC industry after graduating from Clarkson University in 2014. That was also the time I first joined ASHRAE out in the Rochester, NY chapter. For work experience I was first an account manager and helped customers design / provide building automation systems. Within the ASHRAE chapter I also became the Research Promotion Chair. I then transitioned into engineering project layouts for building automation systems and did that for a few years with two different companies which lead me to move to the Albany area. I transitioned roles within my company about a year ago and now support our internal engineers and account managers in use of our internal toolsets. Within our Northeast ASHRAE Chapter, I have been the Research Promotion chair for many years previously and excited to now be in this VP position.    

3.    What do you enjoy to do in your spare time?

I have lived in the Saratoga Springs area for almost 4 years now since moving out this way and enjoy doing multiple different things depending on the season. I have liked going to ski at the mountains out this way or in VT, hike the ADK’s with my pup named Meeka, and enjoy concerts at SPAC.  

4.    What is your favorite thing about being involved in ASHRAE?

I have really enjoyed meeting others within the industry and learn about their experiences. ASHRAE is the foundation for our industry’s knowledge base and its great to work alongside people that recognize this and are eager to help promote this organization.


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