Chapter President:

J. David Houle

President Elect/CTTC/Program Chair:

Adam Feather

Vice President/ Newsletter Editor:

Kendra Potasiewicz


Trevor Gensch


Ramy Girgis

Board of Governors:

Daniel Williams

Board of Governors:

Russ Danforth

Board of Governors:                                                               

John Thomas

Board of Governors:                       

Tim Houle

Board of Governors:

Gregg Kirkpatrick

Board of Governors:

Todd Turcotte

Membership Chair:

Liesl Hammer

Student Activities Chair:

Dave Ricci

Research Promotion Chair:

Kevin Houghtaling

Refrigeration Chair:              

Ray Hickey


Stanley Westhoff

Webmaster/Home Page Editor/ CECC:

Erik Olson


Joseph A. Ripp


The Northeast Chapter of ASHRAE started off the year with a successful CRC in Rochester, NY. The following awards and certificates were presented:

  • Dan Williams received the Presidential Award of Excellence with Special Citation and Most Improved Chapter Award
  • Stan Westhoff received a History Gold Ribbon for a history of Dennis Landsberg
  • Chris Schmidt received the Full Circle Chevron for Research Promotion
  • Liesl Hammer received the Membership Promotion Award
  • Dave Ricci received the Most Improved Runner Up Chapter for Student Activities

Golf/Steak Roast at Airway Meadows Golf Club was a success.  The October meeting was on Venting with Richard Bruno as speaker, November had Mike Rogers speak on Boiler Efficiency, December was Past Presidents Night with a presentation by Greg Kaufman on ASHRAE Safety Standards for Mechanical Rooms and Gas Detection, January had John Siegenthaler speak on the Anatomy of a Pellet Boiler, YEA sponsored a happy hour at the Philly Bar & Grill in January, In February Tom Gorman spoke on Refrigerants, The March meeting had an invitation to Life members with introductions by Joseph Ripp, YEA Chair and History Committee member. The speaker was Gordon Sharp a Distinguished Lecturer who spoke on Making Lab & Commercial Buildings Smart to Maintain their Energy Efficiency.  The April meeting was a joint meeting with NYS Geo and AEE with speakers John Manning & Paul Lundberg who spoke on Geothermal heat pump systems for NYS Campus buildings.  There was a Refrigeration tour of Druthers Brewery in Albany.  The May meeting was on the Numerous Lessons Learned from Biomass Heating Systems in Commercial Installations in New York State presented by Khaled Yousef.

Past Presidents attending the December Meeting:

  • Stan Westhoff (1985-86)
  • Ray Albrecht (1986-87)
  • Evan Walden (1993-94)
  • William Gerstler (2008-09)
  • Rich Vehlow (2005-06)
  • Khaled Yousef (2007-08)
  • Dan Williams (2015-16)
  • Doug Belokopitsky (2014-15)

Election of Chapter BOG and Officers will take place in May by ballot with the following slate being approved for the 2017-2018 year:

Kendra Potasiewicz President- Elect

Kevin Houghtaling Vice President

Ramy Girgis Treasurer

Joe D’Aprile Secretary

Brian McLean Board of Governor (2017-18)

John Thomas Board of Governor (2017-18)

Russ Danforth Board of Governor (2017-18)

Todd Turcotte Board of Governor (2017-18)

(Adam Feather will automatically become President and Dave Houle will become a member of the Board of Governors)

There was a superbowl pool and 50/50 raffles throughout the year with proceeds going to ASHRAE Research. 

Liesl Hammer published a new roster and Todd Turcotte did some fine work on the chapter website.

Submitted by:

Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian