Chapter President:                                                      Michael Carr

President Elect/CTTC/Program Chair:                        Nicholas Casale

Vice President/ Newsletter Editor:                             Cara Martin

Treasurer:                                                                    Douglas Belokopitsky

Secretary:                                                                    Heather Maxwell

Board of Governors/Honors & Awards Chair:           Mark Cambria, P.E.

Board of Governors:                                                   Robert Wilson P.E.

Board of Governors:                                                   Erick Moser

Board of Governors:                                                   Brian Sexton

Board of Governors:                                                   Tim Houle

Membership Chair:                                                      Erick Moser

Student Activities Chair:                                            Dave Ricci

Research Promotion Chair:                                         Tim Houle

Refrigeration Chair                                 Ray Hickey

Historian:                                                                    Stanley Westhoff

Webmaster/Home Page Editor/ CECC:                      Theodore E. Sargent III


The Northeast Chapter of ASHRAE started off the year with a successful Golf/Steak Roast at the Western Turnpike Golf Course.  The October meeting included a presentation on “Understanding the Energy Crisis” by Dr. James Smiley followed by several interesting programs including “Variable Refrigerant Flow Technology” by James Bates,  December History night program with seven past chapter presidents in attendance followed by a presentation on “Building Energy Performance Design Assistance with Parametric Studies“ by James Fireovid, “Proper Air Filtration” by Joe VanCura & Erick Moser, Applications presentation by Michael Schwartz & Arunkumar Vedharthiri, “High Performance Computer Room Design“ by Michael Schwartz and “High Efficiency Boiler Systems“ by Erin Sperry.


The chapter also participated in the Region I CRC in New York, NY, Engineers Week and the ASHRAE Society Webcast.


There was a superbowl pool and 50/50 raffles throughout the year with proceeds going to ASHRAE Research. 




Submitted by:

Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian