Ramy Girgis, P.E.

Northeast Chapter President – 2020-21

Ramy Girgis was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt and educated at the Helwan University, Faculty of Engineering-Matrya.  He received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Power Engineering. 

His work experience includes:

-11/1999 to January 2006 as Junior Engineer and then Site Engineer at DMG-Egypt (Previously known as R*A Design Team) – Cairo, Egypt.

-3/2006 to June 2013 as Design Engineer and then Senior Engineer for AEC (Architectural & Engineering Consultant) – Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

-12/2013 to March 2017 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for Novus Engineering in Delmar, NY. 

-4/2017 to August 2019 as Senior Mechanical Engineer for Labella Associates.

-8/2019 to Present as a Senior Mechanical Engineer for ME Engineering.

Ramy’s whole career has been in the field of design of HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems.  He was introduced to HVAC at college and after graduation he was in the HVAC field and really loved the industry.  It is a challenging field that is full of creativity.  It also makes you think about people and the environment.  You need to ensure people comfort, but at the same time you are trying to save the environment.

He was introduced to ASHRAE in Egypt by a contractor and he joined on January 31, 2010.  He feels that ASHRAE is the most internationally recognizable organization in the field of HVAC.  Also, he wanted to be current in the HVAC field.

Ramy served the Northeast Chapter as Secretary in 2016-17, then Treasurer, Vice President, President Elect, Chapter Alternate, Chapter Technology Transfer Chair, Chapter Administrator, Chapter Alternate and Chapter President for 2020-21.

He will probably be remembered as the Covid 19 President, but more importantly he got the new chapter website design started and promoted Refrigeration activity programs, instituted a chapter audit committee and formed a four-person (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) YEA committee.  Ramy would like to continue on with ASHRAE and has a strong interest in working with Chapter Programs. 

Ramy is married to his wife Marian Shehata and has a daughter Perpetua, a son Nicholas and another daughter Felicity.  In his spare time, he loves doing photography, playing table tennis and spending time with family.

We thank him for his service to ASHRAE and to the Northeast Chapter and we wish him future success.


By Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian


(March 4, 2021)


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