We are officially accepting applications for the 2019 ASHRAE Northeast Scholarship. Our scholarship program is designed to encourage and assist in the education of students pursuing a career in HVAC&R. Applicants must be full-time students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and in a program of study that is applicable to service in the HVAC&R profession. They must attend a college within the Chapters geography or have a permanent address in the area. Applications must be postmarked by Monday, June 7th 2019, and sent to David Ricci, our Student Activities chair. Scholarships will be awarded by 6/30/2019. Full details can be found on the application itself, should you or your applicant have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Click here to download the scholarship form.

The society also offers a myriad of its own scholarships. Information can be found on their website under Communities à Student Zone à Scholarships & Grants.

Our industry offers a plethora of career opportunities, but we don’t always do the best job of advertising the benefits of said careers. It is well known that the HVAC&R industry is facing a labor shortage – from technicians to salespeople, to design consultants, there are not enough young people entering our field to back-fill the retirees. Between 2016 and 2026 the demand for skilled HVAC technicians alone was expected to rise by 15% - and that does not take into account the number of retirees that will be leaving the industry during those years. What can we do, as a chapter, to promote our industry and encourage millennials (born between the years of 1981 and 1995) and Generation Z (born in 1996 and onward) to join us? This is most definitely a complicated question, and one that I can (and have) write pages of information on and spend hours discussing. Offering these scholarships is one way that the Northeast Chapter works to promote and encourage young people to join our rewarding industry.



Thank you,

Kendra Potasiewicz

ASHRAE NE President 2018-19

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