All Society Members are assigned to a local chapter based on their affiliated location.  Local Chapter dues are normally, and preferably paid annually to Society at renewal time.

  • The Northeast Chapter’s dues are $35 per year
  • The dues enable you to receive a $10 discount off the meal cost for each monthly meeting, free PDH credits, access to all events, and your name and company’s inclusion in our local Roster, currently being released annually. The dues enable our chapter to function and to continue to provide all the benefits to you and our community, so please support your local chapter!
  • Chapter Dues may be paid online using the Paypal link to the left, or by mailing a check, payable to “ASHRAE Northeast” to:



PO Box 13933

Albany, NY 12212-3933


Common Situations that are Exceptions to the Norm:


  • Members who relocated due to a job change, but never notified ASHRAE of their change of address will not show up on our local Membership Roster.
  • Known Transfers - It is understood that members transferring into our local chapter from another chapter have already paid dues to their previous chapter, and thus, will not be asked to pay chapter dues a second time. 
  • Members who wish to affiliate with more than one chapter are free to do so, but will need to pay the secondary chapter’s dues directly to that chapter.  Society must also be notified of your desire to affiliate with multiple chapters, so that your name appears on the Rosters for both chapters.  Please contact Membership at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 800-527-4723 for notification of multi-chapter affiliations. 
  • Some members are active on a national level, and do not affiliate with their local chapters.  Or, if at renewal time, you “unchecked” the box to pay your local chapter’s dues, then you are currently not a member of the local chapter.