The Northeast Chapter started off the year with the CRC in Mystic, CT being the first event of the year followed shortly thereafter by the successful annual steak roast and golf outing in September at the Western Turnpike Golf Course.


The chapter officers and board of governors were as follows:

·         President & CRC Alternate - William Gerstler, Ph.D.

·         President-Elect & CTTC Chair – Christine Lazzar, E.I.T.

·         Vice President & Newsletter Editor – Mark Cambria, P.E.

·         Secretary – Nick Casale

·         Treasurer – Mike Carr

·         BOG Member & Past President & CRC Delegate – Khaled Yousef, P.E.

·         BOG Member – Denis Boyce

·         BOG Member – Dan Williams

·         BOG Member & Research Promotion Chair – Gene Hickok

·         BOG Member – Brian Sexton


The chapter committee chairs not mentioned above are as follows:

·         CRC 2009 & Chapter Historian – Stanley M. Westhoff

·         Refrigeration  – Ray Hickey

·         Student Activities – Cara Martin

·         Attendance & Reception – Tim Houle

·         Webmaster – David Layton, P.E.

·         Membership – Heather Alexander


Most noteworthy for this year were the exceptional tour of the GE Healthcare Digital X-Ray Production Facility of Troy in March and the Ball Metal Container Group of Saratoga in October.


December was a Past Presidents and Chapter History program with historical display table with photo album compliments of George Svaboda.  Several of the past presidents were in attendance.  Edward C. Zyniecki, Jr. who was the chapter President in 1967-68 received his 50 Year Life Member Certificate.  The September meeting kicked off the program year with a presentation on Natatorium Design and Dehumidification by Ralph Kittler.


October was Student Activities and Membership Promotion night with Doug Haltman, Johnson Marcraft speaking on Air Rotational Equipment Design Considerations.  November was Research Promotion night with Peter Hansen speaking on Exhausto Venting on Demand.  January brought David Belleville of Aircuity speaking on the Challenges with Applying Traditional Sensors in Ventilation Applications.  February was Engineers Week with speakers at the Albany Marriott and a dinner meeting with Jim Hoover of PVI speaking on Energy Management through Boiler Load Efficiency.  This was also Student Activities and YEA night.  April brought Ray Hickey of Advanced Comfort Systems to speak on Premium Efficiency Compressors.  Also in April was the ASHRAE Satellite Broadcast on Clean, Lean and Green – IAQ for Sustainable Buildings that was hosted by the local Trane office.  The final program of the year in May is “Commercial Kitchen Effluent Production and Ventilation presented by Bill Gerstler, Ph. D. of GE.



Stan Westhoff


Chapter Historian SY 2008-2009