Chapter President:                                               Douglas Belokopitsky

President Elect/CTTC/Program Chair:                 Dan Williams

Vice President/ Newsletter Editor:                        Erick Moser

Treasurer:                                                             David Houle

Secretary:                                                             Adam Feather

Board of Governors                                              Russ Danforth

Board of Governors:                                             Trevor Gensch

Board of Governors:                                             John Thomas

Board of Governors:                                             Tim Houle

Board of Governors:                                             Gregg Kirkpatrick

Membership Chair:                                               Liesl Hammer

Honors and Awards:                                             Kristin Gustafson

Student Activities Chair:                                       Dave Ricci

Research Promotion Chair:                                  Chris Schmidt

Refrigeration Chair                                               Ray Hickey

Historian:                                                              Stanley Westhoff

Webmaster/Home Page Editor/ CECC:               Michael Schwarz

YEA                                                                      Brian Meneghan

The Northeast Chapter of ASHRAE started off the year with a successful CRC in Tarrytown, NY. The following awards and certificates were presented:

  • Dave Ricci received a Certificate for Runner-Up in Student Activities
  • Doug Belokopitsky received the award for Outstanding Performance in Chapter Programs
  • Stan Westhoff received a History Gold Ribbon for a history of Cara Martin
  • Chris Schmidt received the Scholarship Patch, Full Circle Chevron and Achievement Certificate for exceeding chapter goal of $9,617 as the Chapter Research Promotion Chair

Golf/Steak Roast at Airway Meadows Golf Club was a success.  The chapter had a presentation by Darren Hardy of WSP on the use of 3D Laser Scanning & BIM in October.  November was Rich Davis on Viessmann who spoke on Condensing Boiler Room Design.  December was a Night Out with YEA at Brown's Brewery followed by RPI Student Branch presenting their final projects.  December meeting was Chapter History Night and a presentation by Joseph Klotz of JCI on New found money for Facility Managers.  January was a presentation by the Distinguished Lecturer and Presidential Member Ron Jarnagin on Standard 90.1.

In February Jerry Meyer Jr. of M.I.S. America spoke on Cleaning & Testing HVAC Systems.  Justin Dascoli of Phoenix spoke on OR & Critical Space HVAC Solutions in March and Jason Signor of LG spoke on Variable Refrigerant Flow Basics in April.  This was also our invitation to Life members.  We had the following Life Members attend:

  • David Howell
  • Joseph Thaickal
  • Carl Werme
  • Stanley Westhoff

Election of Chapter BOG and Officers took place in April with the following slate being approved for the 2015-2016 year:

  • Dan Williams – President
  • David Houle – President-Elect
  • Adam Feather – Vice President
  • Kendra Potasiewicz – Treasurer
  • Trevor Gensch – Secretary
  • Timothy Houle – BOG
  • John Thomas – BOG
  • Russ Danforth – BOG
  • Todd Turcotte – BOG
  • Greg Kirkpatrick – BOG
  • Doug Belokopitsky - BOG

There was a superbowl pool and 50/50 raffles throughout the year with proceeds going to ASHRAE Research. 

Submitted by:

Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian