Dennis was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  He received his BS in Aerospace Engineering in 1969 and his MS in Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1971 from Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and a PhD in Atmospheric Science in 1975 from the University of NY at Albany.

Work experience started in 1976 working for the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center as a Research Associate with Faculty Equivalent Status.  A project in Solar Research, namely the Alumni House with Rist-Frost as the Engineering Firm brought Dennis into HVAC energy engineering.  In 1977 he started work with The Fleming Group as Vice President.  One notable project was the Jolly Tiger Restaurant on Central Avenue in Albany.  This project was well ahead of the times for unique energy conservation measures.  In 1985 Dennis started Landsberg Engineering, PC and serves as President.  He also served as President of The Fleming Group until 1993.  In 2006 he started and serves as President of L&S Energy Services, Inc.

Dennis was introduced to HVAC working on the University at Albany Solar Research and Training site.  He enjoys HVAC because after 40 years he is still learning.  He started with ASHRAE in 1979 after Bill Fleming, the senior partner in The Fleming Group and Chair of the Manual of Acceptable Practices for ASHRAE 90-75, introduced him to ASHRAE.

ASHRAE positions include Chair Guideline 14-2014, Secretary of TC 7.6, Chair of Dash Committee Liaison ISO 242 – Building Energy Management, Chair of TC 7.6 Subcommittee on Monitoring and Energy Performance, Lead Author of ASHRAE Energy Efficiency Guides on Existing Buildings, a voting member on SSPC 100, SPC 105, SPC211, script for e-learning, ASHRAE Handbook on Energy Audits.

Dennis is a Life Member of ASHRAE and has recently received status as an ASHRAE Fellow along with Bill Gerstler at the winter meeting of ASHRAE in Orlando, FL.  He will also be receiving the Distinguished Service Award this year 2016.

Family includes his wife Marjorie, daughters Rebecca, Nancy and Jennifer, son-in-law Ross and granddaughters Eliana and Sophia.  He enjoys golf, driving sports cars and fishing in his spare time.

Dennis would like to be remembered as an Energy Efficiency consultant saving the world one building at a time.  He has given presentations to the Northeast Chapter on Energy Efficiency and will be presenting again in April 2016.  His future involvement with ASHRAE includes becoming Chair of TC 7.6

Stan Westhoff

Chapter Historian

February 24, 2016