Brian Sexton was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He graduated from Hutchinson Technical High School and attended Erie County Technical Institute. While in his junior year of high school Brian signed up for the US Navy Reserve and attended boot camp over his Easter vacation. After graduation he worked for an indoor ski center and then went on active duty with the Navy. He was assigned to the pre-commissioning school for the Guadal Canal LPH-7 which was an amphibious assault ship with a full contingent of Marines, helicopters and landing craft.

After coming off of active duty in the Navy, Brian worked for the JH Williams Co. as a maintenance machinist and later as an inside salesman for drop forgings. He spent five years with the company and then moved to Newfield, NY and to Gary Holland Sales where he worked in sales of steam and hydronic specialties for twenty-one years before going to work for JW Stevens Co. Brian moved to the Albany area when he went to work for JW Stevens. He sold Cleaver Brooks boilers, steam and hydronic specialties and Exhausto products. After his son graduated from high school, the family also moved to Albany.

About three years ago, Brian left JW Stevens to start Technology Plus, LLC with Bruce Jeffers and Bill Parks. The company represents manufacturers of various steam and hydronic specialties plus engineering and service to the industry. Brian enjoys the fact that there is a need for providing steam knowledge which the company can provide.

Brian started with ASHRAE back in the middle seventies when the Twin Tiers Chapter was being formed. Brian became a member of ASHRAE and a charter member of the new chapter. He enjoyed the opportunity for networking with people in the HVAC industry. While serving the Twin Tiers Chapter, he was on the Board of Governors, Student Activities Committee where he helped form the Cornell Student Chapter, Membership Promotion Committee, TEGA Committee and Research Promotion Committee. He also served as Secretary and Vice President before moving to Albany. As for future ASHRAE involvement, he plans to move back to the Twin Tiers Chapter area and get active when he retires.

Brian has been married for 42 years to his wife Peg and they have three boys, one girl and eight grand children. Most of the family lives in the Ithaca, NY area and this is where Brian plans to move when he retires.

He retired from the Navy in 1995 as a Master Chief Engineman with 35 years of military service. He has also been involved with NERA (Navy Enlisted Reserve Association), Lyons Club of Ithaca and Youth Shooting Sports of Ithaca.

Brian enjoys golf, hunting and fishing.

We thank Brian for his service to the Northeast Chapter as a member of the Board of Governors and to the Twin Tiers Chapter where he served for many year.

Stan Westhoff

Chapter Historian