Dan was born in West Chester, PA and raised in Phoenixville, PA. He attended K-12 in Phoenixville Area School District.  Upon graduation he attended RPI and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Dan started with M/E Engineering, P.C. in September of 2005 doing design consulting on various HVAC projects including air handling systems, VAV, boiler and chilled water systems, ground source heat pumps and VRF, etc.  This was his introduction into an HVAC career.  He acquired his P.E. license and became "LEAD AP" during his tenure with M/E Engineering.

In 2012 Dan joined Sage Engineering Associates, LLP doing design consulting on various HVAC projects and started taking on more project management roles and working more directly with clients and delegating tasks to entry level engineers, drafters and designers.

He enjoys HVAC because every project is a learning experience with a variety of unique problems to solve to get a finished design.  The continual variety and learning make it very interesting and never repetitive or boring.

Dan started with ASHRAE in 2006 while working at M/E Engineering.  He was introduced by colleagues and quickly recognized the benefit of networking with chapter members who represent a majority of the local industry.  As an entry level engineer he recognized and appreciated the experience and wealth of knowledge available through the lessons learned from chapter members and their diverse experiences.

Dan served on the Board of Governors from 2008 – 2009 and then became Secretary for 2012 -2013, then on to Vice President and Newsletter Editor for 2013 -2014.  In 2014 – 2015 he served as President Elect, CTTC Chair and CRC Alternate.  He served as President and CRC Delegate for 2015 – 2016.  He will become a member of the Board of Governors for 2016 – 2017 as Past President.

Dan hopes to be remembered for making a positive difference to the way the chapter is run.  He revamped the newsletter appearance/style in 2012 -2014, increased chapter meeting attendance, worked with the webmaster and attendance chairs to incorporate PayPal payment onto the website as well as plans to have the website revamped by the end of his tenure as President.  He is also working on a three year plan for chapter operations.  He hopes the other officers and BOG have had as much fun working with him as he has working with them.  He also hoped to be remembered for working well with others while generating results.

Dan is married to wife Denise and has a daughter Lydia Grace who was born in January of 2016.  He likes to play golf and guitar, listen to and watch music, TV, movies and do small home improvement projects.

Dan says that being chapter president has been a great management experience.  He says you can't do this job without learning to delegate and to trust the other officers and chairs to carry their weight.  He felt that the team he had as president was absolutely wonderful and he has learned a great deal through the experience of serving ASHRAE that will benefit him in his career.

Stan Westhoff

Chapter Historian – 4-1-2016