Chapter President:                                               Kendra Potasiewicz (Delegate)

President Elect/CTTC/Program Chair:                 Kevin Houghtaling (Alternate)

Vice President/ Newsletter Editor:                       Ramy Gingris

Treasurer:                                                            Mike Bulzomi

Secretary:                                                            Matt Morgan

Board of Governors:                                            Adam Feather (Moved to PA)

Board of Governors:                                            Russ Danforth

Board of Governors:                                            John Thomas                                                          

Board of Governors:                                            Doug Page

Board of Governors:                                            Todd Turcotte

Membership Chair:                                              Jason Filler

Student Activities Chair:                                      Dave Ricci

Research Promotion Chair:                                 Marianne Schumacher

Refrigeration Chair                                              Ray Hickey

Historian:                                                             Stanley Westhoff

Webmaster/Home Page Editor/ CECC:               Todd Turcotte

YEA                                                                            ---

The Northeast Chapter of ASHRAE started off the year with a successful CRC in Jersey City, NJ on August 16-18. The following awards and certificates were presented:

  • Michael Bulzomi received the First Place Green Ribbon Award for on-line membership transactions
  • Stan Westhoff received a History Gold Ribbon for the history of the Northeast Chapter from 2010-11 to 2014-15
  • Marianne Schumacher received the Full Circle Award in Research Promotion. (All Officers and RP Chair contributed $100 each)

The Golf Outing and Steak Roast were in September at Western Turnpike Golf Club in Albany, NY and was a success.  The October 16 meeting was presented by Jody Samuell on Condensing Theory, the November 13 meeting was Adiabatic Cooling, Waterside Economizer/Free Cooling, Refrigerant Circuit Optimization and Heat Recovery by Michael Collins of Eagle Bay Refrigeration Inc., the December 11 meeting was chapter history and past presidents night with a presentation on Fire, Smoke and Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers by Mike Bulzomi of RF Peck, the January 22 meeting featured Variable Refrigerant Flow by speaker Jim Melfi of Daikin, February 19 meeting was on Desiccant Dehumidification by speaker Patrick Leach, March 19 meeting was on Thermal Expansion Compensation by speaker Chris Wolak, April 23 was Life Members Luncheon and presentation on Geothermal by speaker John Ciovacco,  May 21 speaker is Distinguished Lecturer Devin Abbellon on "The (un) Ethical Engineer".  An ASHRAE Trivia Night is planned for June 13 at Fort Orange Brewing in Albany.  This is sponsored by Membership Promotion.

Past Presidents attending the December Meeting and introduced by Kendra Potasiewicz, YEA member:

  • Stan Westhoff (1985-86)
  • Ray Albrecht (1986-87)
  • Evan Walden (1993-94)
  • Rich Vehlow (2005-06)
  • Christine Harvey (2009-10)
  • Mark Cambria (2010-11)
  • Khaled Yousef (2007-08)
  • Terry Seery (1998-99)
  • Doug Belokopitsky (2014-15)

The Life Members attending the April meeting and introduced by Kendra Potasiewicz, WIA member were as follows:

  • Joe Thaickal
  • Ray Albrecht
  • Carl Werme
  • Evan Walden
  • Mike Waldbillig

Election of Chapter BOG and Officers took place at the April meeting by vote with the following slate being approved for the 2019-2020 year:

Ramy Girgis - President-Elect

Michael Bulzomi – Vice President

Matt Morgan - Treasurer

Marianne Schumacher - Secretary

Russ Danforth Board of Governor (2019-20)

Douglas Page Board of Governor (2019-20)

John Thomas Board of Governor (2019-20)

Todd Turotte Board of Governor (2019-20)

(Kevin Houghtaling who is currently President-Elect will automatically become President and Kendra Potasiewicz will become a member of the Board of Governors.

There was a superbowl & March Madness pool and 50/50 raffles throughout the year with proceeds going to ASHRAE Research. 

Submitted by:

Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian