Mike Carr was born and raised in Centralia, Illinois.  After high school, Mike went to Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky where he received a BS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology.


Mike has worked in several different capacities starting with four years in the printed circuit technology industry where he became a patent holder.  He then started a career in the plastics industry for the next twenty-three years with WR Grace as a Facility Engineer and AVI as a Corporate Facilities Engineer and Sealed Air as a Regional Plant Engineer.  He moved on to Advanced Comfort where he was a Sales Engineer for two years and then to his current position with Pro Air Plus as a Sales Engineer.


While Mike was involved with facilities engineering he had the need to deal with VOC issues on a regular basis and took classes at the University of Massachusetts in Industrial Ventilation Design which really introduced him to HVAC and the people in the industry.  He has enjoyed the HVAC industry because of the changing landscapes of what you do and the people you deal with on a regular basis.


ASHRAE was introduced to Mike about twenty-three years ago, but he dropped out due to lack of employer support and rejoined in 2001.  ASHRAE was about the industry he was employed with so it was the organization to join.  Emery Otruba was instrumental in pushing Mike to become more involved in ASHRAE.  He has served as a BOG member, Secretary, Treasurer, President-Elect and then President for 2011-2012.


Mike is open to perhaps a regional ASHRAE position should the opportunity be presented.  He would like to be remembered as an active member and plans to stay active after his year as president.


Mike is married with four children, three boys and one girl plus two grandchildren who are boys.  During his free time, which is limited because of involvement with his motel in Lake George and other business ventures, he likes to travel.


Thanks to Mike for his volunteer years to ASHRAE as he guided the chapter during his year as President.

Stan Westhoff

Chapter Historian