Loran Appleby is a retired Life Member of ASHRAE who joined the Society in 1950 and is presently living in Athens, GA.  Loran was the 6th President of the chapter when it was part of the American Society of Heating & Ventilating Engineers.  He was born in Schenectady, NY on April 7, 1927 and attended Burnt Hills High School where he graduated in 1944.

Loran is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  After graduation he joined Johnson Service Company as a Sales Engineer.  In 1946 he joined J.L. Ottenheimer Associates as an HVAC&R Engineer.  In 1955 he moved to R.D. Marshall Co. where he was the Manager of HVAC&R.  In 1959 he started his own company, L.V. Appleby, Inc. as a distributor of HVAC&R equipment.  Loran also founded another company called Balance, Inc. in 1975 that provided air and water balancing services.  On July 30, 1996 he sold his business to Mr. Dumas and retired to Roanoke, VA and then later moved to Newport News, VA and then back to Lake George, NY until 2006 when he moved to his present location in Athens, GA near his son Charlie.  Loran lost his wife Esther in January of 2008.  She was a constant companion and could be seen with Loran at many ASHRAE functions.

Chapter service included the offices of Secretary-Treasurer, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, Board of Governors and President in 1955-1956.  His chapter committee service was as Membership Committee Chair from 1958-64, Program Committee Chair from 1954-55, Nominating Committee Chair (8 times in 13 years), Research Fund Committee Chair from 1973-74 and Region I CRC Honorary Chairman in 1981.

Loran was very active in the Society and served on the Member Development Committee from 1961-63 and was Chair from 1963-65, UEC Bldg. Fund 1963-65, Education Committee 1965-67 and Chair from 1967-69.  He was Co-Chair of the Lake Placid Meeting in 1968.  He served on the Nominating Committee in 1968-70, 1973-74 and 1981-82.  He served on the Admissions and Advancement Committee as a member, Vice Chair and Chair from 1969-74, ExO 1977-80 and Consultant 1980-81.  He was a member of the Guide & Data book 1973 Systems Committee from 1970-73, member of the Long Range Planning Committee from 1973-77, Insurance Committee from 1973-79, DAL Alternate in 1974-75 and Director At Large (DAL) 1977-80, International Institute of Refrigeration Presidential Committee Member from 1976-77, the Long Range Planning Committee ExO 1977-80, Membership Committee ExO 1977-78, Chapter By-Laws Committee ExO 1977-80, Administrative Council Member 1982-85, Meetings and Arrangements Committee Member 1985-86 and Vice Chair 1986-88.  He was awarded Life Member status in 1991.

Loran received the Distinguished Service Award in 1972 and in 1978 received the first Region I Award of Merit.  He wrote ASHRAE Journal articles in December of 1967 – Manpower Development, August 1968 – Continuing Education and October 1968 – Scholarships.  He took an interest in the active development of the Champlain Valley Chapter in Burlington, VT.

He served in the U.S. Navy from 1945-46 and was a member of the American Association of Contamination Control (AACC) from 1964 and served in various offices including President and National Director in 1970-71.  Loran was active in other civic and religious activities.

Loran has had a very active career in the industry and has served the Chapter and Society with great distinction.  We wish him well in his retirement.


Stan Westhoff

Northeast Chapter Historian